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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


During the agrarian age, most people were entrepreneurs, they were farmers, butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers who worked for the king, but they were not the king’s employees. These people actually made their living as small-business entrepreneurs, it was not until the industrial age that a new demand began growing, the demand for employees, then the government took over, the task of mass education. Have you ever wondered where the idea of retirement at age 65 came from? It was from OTTO VON BISMARK, the president of Prussia, in 1889. The Prussian system is for mass-producing employees, people that will follow order. Employment is good, but it’s a one way of generating income, and is extremely limited. The only way you can become rich and have financial freedom is through entrepreneurship. We are in the information age now, the industrial age is over, so we need information age power to create wealth.
Nowadays, having a job is not going to take care of you because, there is job insecurity everywhere, you can be laid off, sack or retrenched anytime.You need to wake up and start your own business now!!!.
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