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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TRUE STORY: How This Lady Was Forced To Maké Lové With A Dog And A Horse For Money

When the Internet first came to the continent of  African society,most people were  very pleased with it because it reduces stress of communication with lové around the world,it also serve as productive purposes like communication.
It served many people for chatting, sending mails and even business. As the time passed by many ladies discovered that they could use the internet to find a chat friend or a life partner.Some girls have greatly benefited just by using the internet to find their dream marriages or relationhsips. Others have fallen into traps in the West and wish they would never have known what the internet was.This is the case of one Cameroonian,Elvire Axelle Tchamakoua. Continue.......
Axelle is prostituté who is pimped to various men by her main man Jean Claude(French Businessman).She did not mind serving her customers from the front or from behind.The use of condoms during her encouters was the allowed as it brings more money to the table for her and her main man.She has been doing this job for quite a while and was used to this.The shocking part of it is that,Axelle is a 24 year old girl with a Formal Training Certificate in Esthetics and Beauty.Why a young lady in her age would wish for fast cash is the question many people are asking.
According to report Axelle met her pimping Boss,Jean Claude on the Internet in October 2011.They had a normal chat like every other person would have when chatting with a stranger. Jean Claude told her he was a Businessman based in Marseille (frence)and was into import and export. Axelle who thought she had found the lové of her life continued her communication with Jean Claude Fayard and on March 2012 he came to visit her in Cameroon.There was a huge celebration at Axelle´s Aunt´s Residence at Santa Barbara in Yaounde.Two days in Cameroon,Jean Claude proposed to Axelle and got married to her in both traditional and Legal Ceremonies. Both marriages took place on the 18th and 20th of March 2012 respectively.
Jean Claude made all travelling arrangements and the both of them flew to France on the 21 of March that same year.He even gave Axelle´s family the sum of 600.000FCFA for their up keep.Not knowing that they were selling their daughter into séx slavery,the family happily bid the couple goodbye as they left for France.
The truth of the matter was that Jean Claude is a pimp who goes to Africa and picks up girls to come and work as séx slaves for him in France. Since Axelle did not know about this, she would wish she never used the internet in her life.As the couple arrived France,they lived in a town called Clermont Ferrand for about 9 months after which they moved to a new place called Lourdes. It is in this place that Axelle had the worst experience of her life.
A few days after their arrival to Lourdes,a man knocks on the door saying he wants to see Jean Claude.Little did Axelle know that,he would be her first client who had already paid into her husband´s bank account.When Axelle called her husband´s attention to the guest, she was shocked when her husband told her to do whatever the guest tells her to do.
A few days later after coming home from work,Jean Claude sits Axelle and laid down the rules and regulations of the job.He told her she has to pay back all the money he spent on her in Cameroon.He calculated the amount to be more than 3,000 euros and she will also be working for him for the next two years. Axelle who became speechless thought she was dreaming. It was  worse when Jean Claude collected her personal belongings and all her documents.She was also prohibited from making any calls to the outside world.
Every day she had male customers who would come for her service taking her from front and behind all the time. She was mandated to do whatever they wanted.They would not use any protection during intercourse. One day Jean Claude came home with a customer accompanied by a dog.The man whose name is Loiseau had deposited some money into Jean Claude´s account. Axelle who didn't see this coming was pushed into the room and forced to have séx with the dog which she did. It is said that Jean Claude made more money when Axelle sleeps with an animals so these deals became the order of the day.
After her encounter with the dog, Jean Claude left with Mr Loiseau leaving Axelle alone in the house. After numerous trials,she broke down the door and ran into the street where she met a Cameroonian couple living in the town.They helped her to get to the Embassy where she narrated her ordeal.The Police was immediately dispatched to Jean Claude´s house where they found evidences linking him to kidnapping and other serious allegations. Jean Claude was immediately arrested and is waiting for judgement.Meanwhile Axelle flew back to Cameroon and was immediately taken to the hospital for further examinations and treatments.
See what the Internet can do to the youths of a country. all that glitters are not  Gold, my dear brothers and sisters.If some of you could hear the stories of some Africans in the Diaspora,you will not envy them at all. After everything, home is the best even when our government and politicians fail us.What do you guys think.I need your contributions.

Monday, October 21, 2013


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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sex Can Be Addictive .

In the movie Blades Of Glory, the character Chazz Michael Michaels, played by actor Will Ferrel, was a self-confessed sex addict. For those who do not believe in the possibility of people being addicted to sex, Will Ferrel’s character would surely be just fictional. However, one episode of The Tyra Banks Show also discussed sexual addiction and even had guests who openly admitted to being sex-addicts. What was more surprising is the fact that one of their guests is only 14 years old and she confessed to being a sex addict since she was 12. Though hard to believe, it is actually true that some people get addicted to sex. How or why this happens will be discussed later on in this article. A person, especially those who engage in frequent sex, might wonder how he or she can determine if his or her behavior is already considered an addiction or not. Characteristics that differentiate sex addicts from those who are just sexually active are also included in this article. Sexual addiction is considered a mental health problem and is very similar to other forms of addiction such as those with alcoholics and drug addicts. Like most health problems too, sexual addiction can be managed or treatment using a method very similar to that used among alcoholics.

Addiction is usually said to be associated, if not a result of, stress and anxiety disorders. A tragic or traumatic event may cause a person to feel self-hatred, extreme anger, loneliness, and depression. In search for an event or situation to change these negative feelings, they seek for things that would can give them pleasure. Substances such as alcohol, amphetamines, and cocaine have a component within them that causes a person to release more dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the primary neurotransmitter responsible for the good or pleasurable feelings that most people experience. Engaging in some activities such as sex and having an orgasm trigger the same reaction within the brain. Because of the satisfaction, relief or escape that these substances and activities provide to a person who is already psychologically troubled, he or she will seek to experience the euphoria some more. As a result, an addiction develops as well as feelings of obsession and compulsion.

Engaging in sexual or romantic activities is considered natural among humans. The moderation or frequency among each individual, however, varies. Some people do these activities more frequently compared to others but that does not necessarily make them sex addicts.

Some of the characteristics that should be observed in a person to consider him or her as a possible sexual addict are listed below:

l He or she must have a pattern of failing in resisting his or her impulse to engage in specific sexual behaviors;

l He or she must frequently engage in those sexual behaviors to a greater extent or longer period than what he or she is intended;

l He or she might experience a persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to stop, reduce, or control those sexual behaviors;

l He or she spends an inappropriately large amount of time or resources spent in obtaining sex, being sexual, or recovering from sexual experience;

l He or she has a certain preoccupation with certain sexual behaviors or preparatory activities;

l He or she still frequently engages in sexual behaviors even when expected to fulfill occupational, academic, domestic, or social obligations;

l He or she still continues to do the sexual behaviors or activities despite knowing that he or she will have a persistent or recurring social, financial, psychological, or physical problem that is caused or made worse by the behavior; and

l He or she feels distressed, anxious, restless, or irritated if he or she is unable to engage in sexual behaviors or activities.

There are also different levels of sexual addiction. Level one is being engaged in compulsive sexual activities or thoughts only. Level two already includes acts of voyeurism, exhibitionism, and rubbing against people in public places. Level three is when a person already commits much more serious and intrusive sexual offenses that have more harmful consequences.

Sexual addiction, like most other addictions, have several negative consequences. Someone who engages in sexual activities frequently with other people has a greater tendency to acquire infections such as AIDS for example. A female sex addict also has a higher chance of getting pregnant. Sex addicts usually have financial problems because of their uncontrolled expenditure to satisfy their addiction. They will also have social problems such as difficulty relating to their family and their friends primarily because they already have a sense of shame being aware of their problem and the inability to control it.

Professional help is very much needed in order for a person to recover from this kind of addiction. Therapy sessions with professionals may either be done individually or in a group. Several organizations such as Sex Addicts Anonymous and Sexaholics Anonymous already provide programs and support groups to help a person who has an addiction to change and get better in avoiding the compulsion. Some medications can also be used to treat not necessarily a person’s sexual addiction but his or her co-occurring psychological problems.