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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sexual Positions Women Enjoy

Women love sex. In fact, some women think about it just as often, if not more, then their male counterparts. They fantasize constantly and at great length (with you being the object of their desire, of course). These hot little fantasies can cover a broad spectrum of kink, but almost always involve one of the five most common vaginal and anal sex positions women enjoy. This is due to a number of reasons, the most significant being that they create a perfect balance between level of difficulty and maximum pleasure. In other words, these sex positionswomen enjoy result in loads of pleasure for the minimal level of effort required to pull them off. That’s not to say that women don’t love your faves as well; they’re definitely into sexual acrobatics every now and then -- but when we’re getting down and dirty, certain sex positions tend to get women more wet than other.

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Private lap dance

Most women love being on top for one simple reason: It makes them feel like they're in charge, and power is always a heady aphrodisiac. Being on top is not limited to one style, however. If you’re old-school, lie on your back and have her straddle your waist before lowering herself onto you; don’t forget to lend her some support by holding her hips while she rides you. If your woman doesn’t enjoy this style, it’s likely for one of two reasons: She may feel overexposed during the act, or her legs might be a bit too short to pull it off comfortably. The easy fix for this dilemma? Move to the sofa. Sit yourself down, lean back and pull her astride you. This is definitely one of the sex positions women enjoy because it allows her to brace herself against the back of the couch, giving her excellent leverage to ride you to orgasm. She can even brace herself with one hand, leaving the other free to play with her clit.

Sex position savvy: It may be tempting to just sit back and enjoy the scenery, but if you’d like to really rock her world, tease her breasts and nipples with your tongue and trace the curve of her waist with your fingers; these moves will magnify her pleasure.

The comfort zone

More commonly known as the missionary position, the comfort zone is not to be overlooked. Nor should any man ignore its tremendous potential for scorching hot sex. Yes, it can also make for predictable, boring sex a Puritan would admire, but only if you’re lacking passion and creativity. The comfort zone is one of the top sex positions women enjoy, and for good reason: the permutations for pleasure are virtually endless, and none of them involve discomfort or the skills of a gymnast. Take charge: Lay her down on the bed, spread her legs apart by sliding your knee between her thighs, place her wrists above her head and show her what you’re made of. Women love displays of dominance in the bedroom, and this one can be either subtle or overt, making it suitable for nearly every woman out there.

Sex position savvy: Take it to the next level by talking dirty to her. Bring your lips close to her ear and whisper what you’re going to do to her; let her know she’ll be screaming your name before it’s over.

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"The pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable."
- Lord Chesterfield on sex

Sex positions have been relatively standardized in position and slang -- the missionary position, doggy style, straddling and standing up are all very commonly practiced and talked about positions. This is primarily because they are four of the easiest to accomplish, with maximum pleasure. Any position you perform a sexual act in is a sex position, therefore you may feel free to invent your own any time you like -- names included.

Sex positions are of course very numerous and are based upon what the participants wish to engage in. Some are more romantic and intimate than others, like the missionary position where you and your partner can gaze into each others eyes lovingly. However something like doggy style (entry from behind, woman on hands and knees) can be a lot more furious and filthy due to the different angles and movement options.

Sex Positions on AM

There are some positions that make it easier to stimulate a woman’s clitoris while making love, and this can be done with fingers, a sex toy, or part of the man’s body such as the pubic hair and bone. Since many women find it difficult to orgasm with penetration alone, this is a worthy consideration to note. Ignoring this aspect of sex will probably end you up with less than you were hoping for. However, ensuring that in whatever sex position you choose that you are both happy and getting what you need from it, there exists no problem.

Experimentation creates variety, and variety is important for sexual and romantic relationships to blossom -- nobody wants the same boring stuff every time you have sex. Trying out new positions for all of your sexual activities, including oral sex, pays off not only with new experiences, but probably a few laughs as you both get into sometimes ridiculous positions and try to make it work. Using furniture and other apparatus around you to help is recommended sometimes. Bannister rails, beds, tables, chairs, stools, etc. all provide you with various ways to use your imagination.

Sex Positions Fact

A survey by Marie Claire and Esquire magazines found that men prefer rear entry sex (doggy style), while women prefer the missionary position

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to Have Great Sex in a Christian Marriage

How to Have Great Sex in a Christian Marriage

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How to have great sex in your marriage really is no mystery. The first step is to understand that improving sex has more to do with quality than it does quantity. What exactly does that mean? Well, quantitatively speaking, some believe that sexual satisfaction is about the number of creative positions the two of you have committed to memory, this is not true. Others might try to convince you that having better sex is dependent upon the number of erotic toys you have in your intimate arsenal. But making sex the best that it can possibly be in your marriage is not about quantity but quality. That is to say, the quality of your marriage.
The quality of your marriage is directly linked to the overall contentedness of both you and your spouse. So, if either of you expresses ongoing dissatisfaction with the condition of your relationship, then that discontentment is likely to spill over into other areas of your marriage such as sex. Remember, sexual intimacy is just as much a mental or emotional act as it is a physical one.
So where should you start? Start by taking an honest assessment of your relationship and your sex life. Accomplish this by being completely truthful with your spouse about your feelings regarding sex. At the same time, be open and prepared to hear what your spouse has to say, not only about sex but also about the quality of your relationship overall. Additionally, you should consider taking a marriage sex test that scores the quality of sexual intimacy in your relationship. This is a great way to get an unbiased opinion of where sexual intimacy really stands in your marriage. Use the scores from the assessment to guide you in making improvements.
Lastly, be patient. Replacing old habits and behaviors with new ones is not an instant process. But with consistent effort, commitment, and communication, the two of you will improve the quality of your relationship and thereby learn from each other how to have great sex in your marriage.
Having a happy marriage is a key ingredient to having a satisfying sex life. Visit our website for more practical tips on how to enhance sex and marriage.
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Thursday, July 19, 2012




Men could be easily smart when it comes to cheating. It can take a long time for their partner to know that they are being cheated.

There are some basic things the wife need to look out for in her husband’s behaviour, the woman must not take things for granted. Some men are promiscus that no matter how their partner satisfies them sexually, they will still go out and sleep with other women. When a man is cheating he will always lie through his teeth while the partner believes that he is a saint – always telling the truth. Some ways to know when a man is cheating:

(1)             When you take his phone, he will be angry and snatch it back from you. This behaviour is a common trend among double-daters. They know once you lay your hands on their phones, their secrets will be exposed. When you always have a problem with a man over when and when not to touch his phone, this is a warning sign that he could be cheating on you. Such men hardly drop or forget their phones for a second, they are always holding unto them as if their lives depend on them. When a man is talking on the phone and becomes jittery or ends the call when his wife walks into the room, he is up to something. The person must be a cheat.

(2)             He goes out alone
He will prefer you stay at home while he attends every occasion that both of you suppose to go. Gone are those days when he use to take you out with him. There is no two way to it, its either he’s going out with someone else or has the intention of meeting a woman where he’s going.

(3)             He will be possessive
When a man is cheating on his wife, he will not like his wife to go out or have friend he will like to limit his partner’s female friends because he believes she might be introduced to her friends male friends. He will always like to rule and teleguide her social life for her. If she is a career woman, he will make unnecessary visits to her office during official hours, call her on phones at any time just to monitor her movements, some of these men would even go to the extent of asking people to keep an eye on their wives for them.

(4)             Cheating partners are persuasive.
He takes most of the decisions for his wife whenever there is an event or party that both of them need to go, he will persuade her to go, so as to enable him to have a good time with his mistress.

(5)             There is a code name for all his callers.
This means he does not want you to differentiate who his callers are. When he refer to all his callers as “my dear” or “friend” that means he is trying to keep a conversation with his mistress on the phone going and does not want you to know who exactly he is talking to.

(6)             The use of condoms.
Incidentally you can find condoms in his bag or pocket, you don’t use one, while cleaning his shoe or any of his things you found so many in the drawer this simply means one thing, he is cheating on you. The funny thing is when you confront him, he might tell you that it belongs to one of his friends.

(7)             He will like to read your letters, email and know your email password.
He would ask you to give him your email password so as to keep a tab on you, most times he will read your messages before you.

(8)             He will always come home late.
Men that cheats on their wives are gifted in one excuses and the other. They will lie that they are having meeting in their office even after office hour. He will not come home after work, he’s either in the club with his mistress or in an hotel with another woman. When you call him, he will tell you that he has an important assignment that is very urgent. There was a man that use to tell his wife that his boss send him to Abuja for an official assignment, every weekend, but unfortunately for the man, the woman he has been sleeping with in Abuja, he caught the woman with another man digging it out together, you know what I mean? He got furious and jealous, hit the man on the head and the man died, that is how the police arrested him and when the wife heard about it, she was shocked to the marrow. Men they can be funny.

When you find out that your man is cheating on you please don’t fight him but do this three things.

i.                    Begin to pray. Tell God to separate your husband and the strange woman. As God divide the red sea let God divide them.

ii.                  Confront him.
Before you confront him, make sure you pray. Tell him what you noticed about him and your relationship. Ask him what he really want in another woman that you are ready to give him. And if you are the one sending him out, please begin to satisfy him.

iii.                Reach and agreement
Maybe the two of your have not been making love enough, agree on how and when, in the area of secrecy, agree on being open to all your things, whenever there is misunderstanding between you, agree on how you will communicate and express your feelings towards each other.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Two Keys to a Happy Marriage

love dare challenge
thoughts about GodHome :: FAMILY: Two Keys to a Happy Marriage

Two Keys to a Happy Marriage

by Kevin Miller 

Happy MarriageAlmost every marriage starts out as a huge celebration. Together with their family and friends, each couple is full of hopes and dreams for their future life together. But the road to a happy marriage is far from easy. And as today’s divorce statistics demonstrate all too well, many couples opt not to complete the journey.
It would be easy to blame our high rate of marital failure on things like not spending enough quality time together, allowing bitterness and resentment to build in our hearts and failing to keep communication lines open. There’s no end to books, articles and seminars that tell you how to improve these and many other aspects of your relationship. But while quality time, forgiveness and communication are vitally important to creating a happy marriage, if such things aren’t happening, it’s usually a sign of a much deeper problem. And until this problem is addressed, no amount of external behavior modification will work.
To get a hint of what this deeper issue might be, let’s take a look at the following Scripture passage:
One of them, an expert in the law, tested him [Jesus] with this question: "Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?"
Jesus replied: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments." (Matthew 22:35-40)
I believe that virtually every marital problem can be traced back to one or both partners failing to abide by these two laws. The same is true of any relationship. The minute we begin to focus on our own wants and needs over those of God or our partner; we’re destined for trouble.
Experiencing communication problems in your marriage? How often do you really focus on listening to what your partner (or God) has to say instead of insisting on more airtime? Feeling bitterness and resentment growing toward your partner? When was the last time you brought him or her before the Lord in prayer and truly thanked God for your relationship? Struggling to find quality time together? How about praying with your partner and asking God how he would like you to use your time?
As you begin to do these things, you’ll notice that your focus automatically starts to shift away from you and your desires and over to God and your partner. As a result, communication problems begin to improve, anger and resentment fade away and you naturally want to spend more time together. Of course, you can’t expect such changes to happen overnight. Your relationship is also bound to face financial pressures, childrearing issues and other problems that are beyond your control. But if you commit your relationship to God and make a conscious decision each day to put God and your partner first, your marriage will be able to weather any storm. Not only that; you’ll also have plenty of fun together along the way!
Have you struggled to find happiness in your marriage? Perhaps it’s time you and your spouse invited God to direct your relationship. If you would like to do so, we encourage you to pray the following:
"Dear God, thank you so much for bringing us together as a couple. We know that you have a plan and a purpose for our marriage, and we invite you to forgive the past self-centeredness, come into our lives and relationship and direct our steps from now on. Please give us the grace to put you and each other first every day. Make our relationship a blessing to others. But most of all; make it a blessing to you. Amen."
We would love to hear from you. Whether you prayed this prayer or not we would gladly send you some great links with resources to help your marriage become stronger.