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Thursday, July 19, 2012




Men could be easily smart when it comes to cheating. It can take a long time for their partner to know that they are being cheated.

There are some basic things the wife need to look out for in her husband’s behaviour, the woman must not take things for granted. Some men are promiscus that no matter how their partner satisfies them sexually, they will still go out and sleep with other women. When a man is cheating he will always lie through his teeth while the partner believes that he is a saint – always telling the truth. Some ways to know when a man is cheating:

(1)             When you take his phone, he will be angry and snatch it back from you. This behaviour is a common trend among double-daters. They know once you lay your hands on their phones, their secrets will be exposed. When you always have a problem with a man over when and when not to touch his phone, this is a warning sign that he could be cheating on you. Such men hardly drop or forget their phones for a second, they are always holding unto them as if their lives depend on them. When a man is talking on the phone and becomes jittery or ends the call when his wife walks into the room, he is up to something. The person must be a cheat.

(2)             He goes out alone
He will prefer you stay at home while he attends every occasion that both of you suppose to go. Gone are those days when he use to take you out with him. There is no two way to it, its either he’s going out with someone else or has the intention of meeting a woman where he’s going.

(3)             He will be possessive
When a man is cheating on his wife, he will not like his wife to go out or have friend he will like to limit his partner’s female friends because he believes she might be introduced to her friends male friends. He will always like to rule and teleguide her social life for her. If she is a career woman, he will make unnecessary visits to her office during official hours, call her on phones at any time just to monitor her movements, some of these men would even go to the extent of asking people to keep an eye on their wives for them.

(4)             Cheating partners are persuasive.
He takes most of the decisions for his wife whenever there is an event or party that both of them need to go, he will persuade her to go, so as to enable him to have a good time with his mistress.

(5)             There is a code name for all his callers.
This means he does not want you to differentiate who his callers are. When he refer to all his callers as “my dear” or “friend” that means he is trying to keep a conversation with his mistress on the phone going and does not want you to know who exactly he is talking to.

(6)             The use of condoms.
Incidentally you can find condoms in his bag or pocket, you don’t use one, while cleaning his shoe or any of his things you found so many in the drawer this simply means one thing, he is cheating on you. The funny thing is when you confront him, he might tell you that it belongs to one of his friends.

(7)             He will like to read your letters, email and know your email password.
He would ask you to give him your email password so as to keep a tab on you, most times he will read your messages before you.

(8)             He will always come home late.
Men that cheats on their wives are gifted in one excuses and the other. They will lie that they are having meeting in their office even after office hour. He will not come home after work, he’s either in the club with his mistress or in an hotel with another woman. When you call him, he will tell you that he has an important assignment that is very urgent. There was a man that use to tell his wife that his boss send him to Abuja for an official assignment, every weekend, but unfortunately for the man, the woman he has been sleeping with in Abuja, he caught the woman with another man digging it out together, you know what I mean? He got furious and jealous, hit the man on the head and the man died, that is how the police arrested him and when the wife heard about it, she was shocked to the marrow. Men they can be funny.

When you find out that your man is cheating on you please don’t fight him but do this three things.

i.                    Begin to pray. Tell God to separate your husband and the strange woman. As God divide the red sea let God divide them.

ii.                  Confront him.
Before you confront him, make sure you pray. Tell him what you noticed about him and your relationship. Ask him what he really want in another woman that you are ready to give him. And if you are the one sending him out, please begin to satisfy him.

iii.                Reach and agreement
Maybe the two of your have not been making love enough, agree on how and when, in the area of secrecy, agree on being open to all your things, whenever there is misunderstanding between you, agree on how you will communicate and express your feelings towards each other.

Every woman must know how to build her house, you must not allow any strange woman to take your husband away. Do you know that your marriage and family is the foundation for generations of your children and grand children establishment? For counseling on marriage and family life, you can contact Rev. Laiyemo David on +2348083158569.or email