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Friday, July 29, 2011

The eight characteristcs of a marriage that will last.

No 4. Communication.
This is one of the important areas that couples need to work upon, every marriage that lacks in communication, most of them  always have problems that leads to divorce.When your partner refuses to talk, and you also do not want to back-down for your partner,strife,enmity and anger will set in and this can lead to separation that can eventually lead to divorce.Couples who can always talk about how they feel will always have their problem
under control.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The eight characteristcs of a marriage that will last.

When your partner is satisfied with it , couples who always satisfy themselves with it, majority of those marriages have their marriages intact. Sex is like an oil to a car that lubricates the engine , so also for your marriage not to stale,sex can be that engine oil.Sex is very sweet and through sex a lot of marriages and families that was about to break has been restored .
Couples who can share in house hold cleaning and parenting responsibilities are likely to have their marriage to last , through this they will be able to contribute to their relationship.couples that do things together and share will always overcome any problem in their marriage than those who do not care and they do not have anything that they do together in the home.

The eight characteristcs of a marriage that will last.

and overlook some certain things in their relationship. Through understanding couples will also have a friendship relationship that will result into a powerful bond of unity that no misunderstanding can tear apart. Let your partner be your best friend and and not only your wife or husband. Continue to date each other , take him/her out to places of interest, tantalize him/her,let not I LOVE YOU be far from your mouth.
Sex is one of the major ingredients that makes marriage to last, most men wants it ,when you satisfy each other with it ,this will help you to stay together and through sex a of misunderstanding can be settled and hurts can be healed

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3 things you should avoid in your relationship.p

No 2 is An unforgiving heart.
If you allow the hurts and the offences of your partner to dwell and control you , you will perpetually be unhappy.The only way to live a good and healthy life is to erase and free your mind .Learn how to free your mind from every offences that can destroy or pollute your mind .Do you know  that for you to receive the forgiveness of God you need to forgive your partner. Forgiveness brings healing  and joy both to you and your partner.

3 things you should avoid in your relationship.

In our relationships between husbands and wives,and also in our families, there are things that we really need to guide against so that we can live in peace and harmony .They are.....
This is an angry unspoken undercurrent trouble in the home or family that every one knows that it is there, strife is not an open warfafe please dont allow your past and how you were raised from your family to affect your relationship with your partner.Through strife many marriages and families have been destroyed..

The eight characteristcs of a marriage that will last.

marriage is one of the basic institutions our society that every couple need to take seriously and be ready to sacrifice whatever it takes to make it work.Although in our society nowadays people do not care much about the sanctity of marriage, infidelity is so rampant and its everywhere.
I do believe that there is no perfect marriage  but there are things one need to use as foundation in marriage that can sustain and make you to overcome every storm in ones marriage and these are .....
1. Understanding each other.
Misunderstanding is one of the bedrock of every divorce, and before you go into any relationship be sure that you understand your partner very well.Couples that have an understanding heart tend to to do well in both their married and family life.They will always find it easier to forgive.......for more visit us on or pastor yemi laiyemo +2348083158569