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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The eight characteristcs of a marriage that will last.

marriage is one of the basic institutions our society that every couple need to take seriously and be ready to sacrifice whatever it takes to make it work.Although in our society nowadays people do not care much about the sanctity of marriage, infidelity is so rampant and its everywhere.
I do believe that there is no perfect marriage  but there are things one need to use as foundation in marriage that can sustain and make you to overcome every storm in ones marriage and these are .....
1. Understanding each other.
Misunderstanding is one of the bedrock of every divorce, and before you go into any relationship be sure that you understand your partner very well.Couples that have an understanding heart tend to to do well in both their married and family life.They will always find it easier to forgive.......for more visit us on or pastor yemi laiyemo +2348083158569