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Friday, February 24, 2012

5 exciting ways to enjoy SEX in your marriage.

Have sex while you are bathing together.
 Try and change your sex pattern,make love in a new way that will make both of you to remember and bring back your love life that is dead. Having sex in the bathroom can be very exciting and adventurous . Be creative,don"t just keep on having sex the same old way,devise variations and this will bring new life to your relationship and marriage.
Express your sexual desire to each other,
Tell your partner or your spouse the way you want it,the type of style ,don"t be shy of it ,be free to express yourself,this will enable you to release the sexual power inside you , tell your partner to be free to explore your body, you can invent and try new sex styles, don"t do it the same old ways as this can make your partner to look outside for another man or woman.
Always try and give your partner a life time sexual experience that will make him/her never to leave you.
Speak sweet things to your partner.
When making love, always speak sweet words to your partner,tell him/her how you are enjoying it,let your partner know how teriffic he/she is,this will increase his/her libido,it will really help both of you to get to the highest sexual enjoyment.
Tell him/her i want you .
Words has a way of increasing our sexual desire,let your partner know before hand that you want it,always prepare your partner for sex,this will enable him/her to fantatize and have great expectations for sex,by doing this,you are breaking the monotony of lovemaking.
Fore play and communicate.
The greatest way to enjoy sex is to play first with your partner,sexual arousal will give you sexual fulfillment.Women likes men that respond to a slower sex, not men that will just pounce on them and do it within one or two minutes,Communicate your feelings,develop a sexual communication between each other,don"t rush it,try and fondle, carress,and touch before making love.