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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How Important Is Sex in a Marriage?

So many married couples seem to struggle to keep passion alive in their relationship. And it's no wonder: There's no shortage of factors that wreak havoc on sex lives ‑- from busy schedules to kids to changing, aging bodies. Without physical intimacy, what's left to hold a marriage together? Plenty, one would think: shared history, family, friendship. So just how important is sex and passion to a marriage? We asked six members of our Love Council to weigh in.

"Work + Kissing = a Happy Marriage"

Dan Cronin
It's hard for me to comment on the notion of aging bodies affecting passion, because I met my wife 11 years ago and age has only made her more beautiful. I, on the other hand, am a different story. I'm looking more and more like Elliot Gould each day. (No offense, Elliot Gould. You're just much older than I am.) So you'd have to ask her. But as for the mundane rhythms of life ‑- from the hectic schedules to the screaming babies ‑- it all adds up to a situation that seems a bit more like two shift workers trying to keep a business afloat than it does a healthy marriage. Sex is hugely important. Especially when it's part of the deal that you're not allowed to go anywhere else to get it. I used to hate it when I heard people say things like "Marriage is work," but when routine sets in I realize that marriage is work. And it's worth it. But my one little secret? Kissing. Married couples don't kiss like they did when they were dating, and they should really, really try. What better way to save a marriage than a little mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?

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