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Friday, November 9, 2012

Common Problems in Modern Relationship and Romance

Romance or love is believed to the most beautiful feeling that a person can have in his life. Relationships give us love, strength , and the much needed support required for any individual to face the hardships of life. It is also a kind of mental condition where you feel good because you know that someone loves you and you mean someone his/her world and vice versa.
But maintaining a committed relationship is everything but a simple task. There are situations where your love will have to pass through the test of times. If the problems generated in the relationship, and that is inevitable, are not addressed efficiently, that may lead to further problems which eventually may lead to a disaster for the two involved in that.
The most common issue that you face while sorting out your relationship problems is where and how to start with. Talking about the most common relationships is a daunting task because they vary in their range and complexity. It becomes difficult for the individual alone to go towards a solution. But thankfully, now a days there is professional help that is available and can be sought where the councilors try to help you as much as possible.
The most common problems faced by the modern couples in the contemporary times are the following
  1. Comfort levels and compatibility
  2. There are several factors that govern the compatibility quotient between couples. Their likes, dislikes , habits and day to day behavior towards certain things and situations all come under this umbrella. Without adequate levels of compatibility it is natural to have problems in relationship.
  3. Level of intimacy
  4. Physical and emotional intimacy is a governing factor for a love relationship. You need to know how your partner is feeling mentally or physically all the time and support him/her on those aspects. Same applies to you partner too. If there is no intimacy, there is a disconnect and people tend to fall apart from a relationship.
  5. Violence
  6. Domestic violence is a commonly reported problem that ends marriages and long term togetherness.
  7. Inequality in the couple
  8. Not being loyal to the partner.
  9. Infidelity is another top reason why people in a relation generate hatred and dismay in a relation and choose to move out. Always try to be loyal to your partner as it is good for your physical as well as mental health.
  10. Not communicating well enough.
  11. Sexual problems and orientation.common problems in romance