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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sex Addiction Causes, Symptoms - Sex Addiction Treatment

What is Sex Addiction? Can lust addict you?

An addiction is the condition of psychological dependence on psychoactive substances. Usually the word addiction is mentioned along with the alcoholism, drug usage etc. A particular habit becomes an addiction when a person looses self determining powers to either control or stop the behavior or activity. Just as alcoholism or drug addiction, certain practices or mentalities also can create an addiction. Sexual addiction is one of the destructive behavioral abnormalities.
Though, sexuality is an inborn instinct of human beings, to maintain healthy social relationships and mature social association we all express the sexuality in a very controlled form. But people who are addicted to lust may loose the self control and think or act in abnormal ways. The urge for sexual pleasure will shoot into greater degrees in a lust addicted. They may get indulged in several accepted or restricted realms of sexuality.

Symptoms of lust addiction

A person himself is the right diagnosing agent to find if he/she is addicted to lust. It is a common trait that lust addiction remains hidden within the subconscious mind and only the addicted can, many a times; recognize the level and depth of the addiction. It is a folly to think that a lust addicted may emerge a social nascence. It is also not necessary that a lust addict may exhibit his/her addiction in public.
A majority of sexual addicts don't even recognize their addiction and still lives happily. Only in extreme cases one may need clinical counseling or medication. The prime symptom of lust addiction is too much interest in the opposite sex and in sexual activities. Compulsive and extreme sexual behavior is the signature of a sex addict.
It is quite natural to have interest in sexuality and also in opposite sex, but when the necessary interest gives way to uncontrollable condition, then it is an addiction. Sexual activities like masturbation or lovemaking several times a day can be another possible symptom of lust addiction. Over interest on pornography, sexual talks, weird fantasies etc., can all be sexual addiction symptoms.

Causes of sexual addiction

Addiction to lust can be caused by multiple factors. Hormonal imbalance is the prime accuse. Overproduction of some hormones is said to have the result of sexual addiction. Abused sexual interests share a great role to donate sexual addiction to a person. People who are sexually abused in the childhood may grow addicts in the future. Use of intoxicating drugs is another igniter of sexual addiction. These drugs will make them to conceive abstract fantasies and illogical impressions about sexuality. Once addicted to the lust, the brain starts producing intense biochemical materials too add fuel to the fire.

Prevention of lust addiction

As any other psychological or behavioral addiction, lust addiction also can be prevented effectively and completely. Changing the mindset and infusing irrevocable resolutions are the ultimate cure for sexual addictions. To a great degree, minor lust addictions could be recovered or, at least, controlled by a person himself.
Deliberate withdrawal from the particular behavior which you consider as an addiction is the best option. There are clinical cure too for lust addiction. Since sexual addiction is more psychological, counseling by a sexologist will bring drastic changes. If the disease is due to hormonal imbalances, a physician can help you with drugs that control or mend the hormonal conditions.

Clinical cure for sex addiction

Sexual addiction is clinically determined by an adaptive of DSM-IV criteria. A sex addict may continuously fail to control his behavior despite all the destructive consequences. Clinically lust addiction is referred as 'addiction model of sexual addiction'. Physicians or psychologist determine the nature of sexual addiction through the diagnoses of visible signs of addiction. Over interest in matters related to sex, several short-lived relationships, fetish sexuality, sexual offensive behavior etc., can be clues to sexual addiction. Infidelity of both sexual and emotional is another hint of lust addiction.
To treat sex addiction, first of all, the addicted has to admit the problems and should seek assistance open-heartedly. Being a more psychological than physical illness, sexual addiction can be cured by helping the patient to reduce seclusion chances and promote ways of integration. Helping the addict to adapt transparent behavioral pattern is another way of treatment.
If the addiction is caused by physical imbalances like hormonal problems, then there are drugs to be consumed by the patient to control or balance the abnormalities. Sexual addiction, if not treated on time and in the proper manner can result in self destruction and also in social crimes.