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Monday, August 26, 2013

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation - 3 Easy Tips to Last Longer in Bed and Not Climaxing Too Soon

Premature Ejaculation happens to each and every man in different phases in his life. Of course it is something he is hoping to forget and get over and done with but there are times when a person has to take matters into his own hands and how to stop premature ejaculation should be the utmost priority.
This is not your usual chocolate moment - relax and ease out. It should not always be a quick masturbatory element on your part. What you have to do is experiment on how to stop premature ejaculation by finding out your boiling point. You have to understand the movement of your penis from stiffness to eruption. Even though it is your body, there are times when listening to Anatomy 101 would be a little helpful since you have to know that there Erection Stages that completes the whole process. It is about growing, filling lengthening, hardening beyond measurable doubts and the last part which is ejaculation.
Step #1: Experiment, Awareness.
The tip here is to go through the usual process of getting comfortable and close your eyes. When you feel that your legs are about to have muscle cramps, stop, relax and resume the masturbation. You have to be conscious of what you are doing here since the need to know how to stop premature ejaculation can be achieved just by paying attention to your movements and breathing.
Step #2: Positions to Avoid.
There are two major sexual positions you have to stay away from. Although for you to last longer, know how to stop premature ejaculation by not participating on the Missionary and Doggy Style. These two positions make you thrust a little stronger and not control your muscles.
Step #3: Pressure Points to Touch.
You have to master this technique on how to stop premature ejaculation by knowing where to apply pressure when you think you are about to ejaculate. These are areas near your perineum or that portion just in the middle of your scrotum and your anus. You could also apply some gentle tugs on your scrotum. Don't allow your partner to apply circular movements on it since you will erupt in no time. Should your partner do this, squeeze the head part of your penis in a gentle manner to help prevent having fireworks.
Try these steps to how to stop premature ejaculation to have a longer and lasting pleasure.