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Saturday, January 21, 2012


We would all like to have strong ties and good relationships with our children and the other members of our family. The question is, how does one build a relationship? The truth is, relationships are built upon the experiences we share together. If the only time we share together involves telling our kids that their room is never neat enough, nagging them to complete chores that never seem to get done, telling them to get good grades, or complaining that their shirts always seem to get stained, then we will have a relationship based on criticism and fear. Children may strive to excel to meet our expectations and win our approval, but this is not a relationship built upon affirming experiences. We need to build our relationships upon experiences that build and celebrate all that we want to be together. So, go on picnics! Create family traditions and attend religious services together. Be sure to sit down together for family dinners and ask each other about their day. Ask each other their opinion on local current events. Discuss and plan together things that affect the family. And, get involved together as a family in serving the community. In this way, you will build a wealth of positive, meaningful and worthwhile experiences in order to build meaningful relationships.

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