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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Save A Marriage With Commitment and Communication

There is a common saying that marriages are made in heaven. However, the increasing incidences of divorces that are taking place all around the world have surely shrouded this saying in a blanket of cynicism. A couple always hopes for the best when they say their wedding vows at the altar and are pronounced husband and wife by the minister once the "I do's" have been asserted with conviction. For many couples the first signs of trouble appear in the marriage even before their honeymoon phase is over. With so much emotional investment made into the relationship, it would be a wise decision to make an attempt to save a marriage rather than letting go of it without a fight. If there is any chance for reconciliation, you should take a chance and try to work things out with your partner and try to start afresh.
In many cases, any creases in the relationship can be ironed out easily with proper communication and making the effort to clear any misunderstandings. You can either attempt to do this on your own or seek the services of a professional marriage counselor to help you get past your differences and reach a common ground. If your love life has a knack of going wrong, you should not hesitate in seeking help. However, any attempt to save a marriage can only be successful when both partners are prepared to give another chance to their relationship. You can overcome the problems in your marital life by opting for expert counselling.
There is no formula as such for a perfect marriage. However, it would be safe to say that open channels of communication, unwavering commitment, mutual respect and care can take you a long way in the right direction. Some of the most common causes of rifts in marriages arise as a result of lack of the above. You can always save a marriage by taking small steps that can prevent minor rows from turning into heated arguments that more often than not drive a wedge between the couple.
Simple gestures of love such as complimenting your partner every now and then, spending more time with him or her and showering affection without any particular reason can help you cement your relationship further. It also helps to be a good listener and talk things out rather than being bottled up about an issue that is bothering you. Also, do not hesitate in apologizing for a mistake and never sleep after a fight. Make up before going to bed and start afresh the next morning.
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