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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Joy of Open Relationships

Enjoying an open relationship is something that many couples are able to do. While the majority of people out there will tell you that they are involved in a monogamous relationship and they like it that way, there is also a large percentage of that population that has considered or even taken part in an open relationship. An open relationship is simply one that is established, but one or both partners are able to see other people. The extent to which each relationship is open varies, but many people find that an open relationship is much more enjoyable than a strictly monogamous relationship.

Many people first become involved in a monogamous relationship and when it begins to fail many couples decide they simply need to be allowed to see other people outside of the relationship. For some this is a cure and for others it is the end of the end. But, open relationships can often breathe new life into an old relationship, and if both parties are willing to give it a try, it can allow the couple to stay together and make it work, although not in the traditional sense.

To have a truly open relationship, couples need to be willing to communicate with one another. These relationships typically are not full of threesomes, instead each of the individuals pursue relationships outside of their relationship. The couple has to work together to establish how serious these relationships can be, how physical they can become, and whether they need to share the information with one another. Many couples with open relationships simply need to know what their "better half" is up to and then all is well.

Open relationships allow people to stay within a relationship that is comfortable and established, and this can be good as far as comfort level and trust go. This established relationship is essentially the relationship that both people come back to, whether they are dating other people or not. These open relationships also allow people to continue to experiment with new people and new things, even though they are involved in what many would consider a serious relationship, even one that involves marriage. This experimentation is what many people need to continue to be "faithful" within the confines of a marriage or serious relationship.

Open relationships really can be anything that a couple wants them to be. They can be a date every once in awhile with other people, sex with other people, or a whole variety of interactions. Couples need to get together and decide just how open their relationship will be before they act on the new openness. For some people this lifestyle will work, and for some people it doesn't. This is where each individual and each couple needs to decide for themselves what they want from life and from their interactions with others.
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