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Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to Have Great Sex in a Christian Marriage

How to have great sex in your marriage really is no mystery. The first step is to understand that improving sex has more to do with quality than it does quantity. What exactly does that mean? Well, quantitatively speaking, some believe that sexual satisfaction is about the number of creative positions the two of you have committed to memory, this is not true. Others might try to convince you that having better sex is dependent upon the number of erotic toys you have in your intimate arsenal. But making sex the best that it can possibly be in your marriage is not about quantity but quality. That is to say, the quality of your marriage.
The quality of your marriage is directly linked to the overall contentedness of both you and your spouse. So, if either of you expresses ongoing dissatisfaction with the condition of your relationship, then that discontentment is likely to spill over into other areas of your marriage such as sex. Remember, sexual intimacy is just as much a mental or emotional act as it is a physical one.
So where should you start? Start by taking an honest assessment of your relationship and your sex life. Accomplish this by being completely truthful with your spouse about your feelings regarding sex. At the same time, be open and prepared to hear what your spouse has to say, not only about sex but also about the quality of your relationship overall. Additionally, you should consider taking a marriage sex test that scores the quality of sexual intimacy in your relationship. This is a great way to get an unbiased opinion of where sexual intimacy really stands in your marriage. Use the scores from the assessment to guide you in making improvements.
Lastly, be patient. Replacing old habits and behaviors with new ones is not an instant process. But with consistent effort, commitment, and communication, the two of you will improve the quality of your relationship and thereby learn from each other how to have great sex in your marriage.
Having a happy marriage is a key ingredient to having a satisfying sex life

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