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Friday, June 8, 2012

Is Oral Sex a Sin?

If you have been searching the Bible for scriptures prohibiting oral sex, you can stop, there are none.
Infact, because there are no scriptures prohibiting oral sex, the question "is oral sex a sin?" has been a prevalent question in the Christian community.
Well, there are no scriptures prohibiting oral sex, but are there scriptures that speak of it? The answer is yes. Are you surprised?
Get your Bible and turn to the Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) 2:3 and 4:16 there you will find poetic descriptions of oral sex between Solomon and his wife.
Song of Solomon 2:3
"Among the young men my lover is like an apple tree in the woods!I enjoy sitting in his shadow; his fruit is sweet to my taste.
Note: the word fruit in the above scripture is likely symbolic for the male genitals.
Song of Solomon 4:16
"Awake north wind. Come south wind. Blow on my garden and let its sweet smells flow out. Let my lover enter the garden and eat its best fruits."
Note: The word garden here is likely referring to the female genitals as well as the word fruits.

The Songs of Solomon

The Songs of Solomon are probably the steamiest scriptures in the Bible when it comes to romance and sex.
In fact, we know a groom who read to his bride from the book of Songs on their wedding night. Now, how romantic is that?
But anyway, back to the question at hand. We do not believe oral sex is a sin. However, If either of you is uncomfortable with it, then it should not be practiced until both of you agree.
Remember, sex in Christian marriage is not selfish. So at no time should you require your spouse to perform sexual acts merely for your satisfaction if it makes them uncomfortable.
This kind of behavior is not at all Christ like. If you enjoy oral sex but your spouse does not, then show them the love of Christ by being patient and kind towards them in this area until the two of you come to a place of agreement.
Nagging them about this will only give you the appearance of being selfish and insensitive.
Now for those of you who are engaged to be married, oral sex is not a substitute for intercourse. In fact, any physical act that yields sexual arousal or lust is a sin if you are single. Got it? good