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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Marriage&Family alive Press Release.

Marriage & Family alive
Press release

Pastor Laiyemo .D.A


Lagos State, Nigeria, West Africa.                                              4/4/2013

This is to introduce to you a new inspiring, life changing marriage & Family alive magazine. The First of its kind in our society.

Strengthening, supporting and encouraging marriages is our cornerstone.

Marital Hostility, aggression and other anti social behaviors has risen over the last fifteen years, in large measure, because the standard of living, the falling wages, earnings and incomes of parents has falling drastically and these has increased the stress on many homes and families. Our concern about these problems has made us to focus on the family and marriage for solution.
The rate of marriage break–ups in our society is now on the increase and it’s getting worse everyday, as we all know that the first institution that God established was marriage. When we have strong vibrant marriage and Families we will have strong and vibrant society that is devoid of crimes and lawlessness. The solution to the world of gangsters, rape terrorism, embezzlement and sexual harassment in our society is the sanitization of our homes and families (Charity begins at home) and also the need to uphold our ethical values and morals that is no more. The easiest and best way to a lasting successful marriage is a continuous courtship. Couples who continue in this kind of relationship will always live long and have less illness and be stronger in their daily life. If we want to curb the spread of this ravaging disease that is rocking our society, that has destroyed millions of home and families, that is divorce and the dreaded diseases, sexual fulfillment, communication and trust should be taken seriously. Our society today is motivated by desire for material possession and immorality, hence a situation of anomie has been created. Those who achieve wealth by non approved means provided they are not caught still achieve the social reward of prestige and status. The loss of ethical values to marriage and family is on the increase. Divorce is on the increase, and is no more news and our courts are granting couples divorce everyday, something that is very hard before.
Our vision, purpose and primary aim of establishing this magazine is how we can reduce the rate of divorce in our society, restore and unite broken homes and families and to uphold our ethical values and morals that will bring a great development to our society.
Marriage & Family alive is going to be a monthly publication with partners such as you. We need you as one of our partners to bring succor to troubled home and families, do you realize how much responsibility you hold in your hands and how many homes and families will be saved, restored and reunited as a result of your support of this  magazine?
I’m asking for your hand of fellowship to be one of our partners. I therefore implore you to respond fully to the incredible needs of this generation by joining the crusade to save our marriage and our society.
For enquiries or more information you can contact or call Pastor Laiyemo David Adeyemi, he is the editor in Chief and can be reached on 08083158569 or or visit our blog site,

I love you and God bless you all.

In His service


_______D.A. Laiyemo____________