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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Marriage Family Alive Retreat Programme.

Marriage and Family alive is a retreat program that is meant for the married men and women together with people who is in a relationship hoping to marry and who are looking for an intensive approach to marriage or relationship, Godly counseling, whether they are in a crisis or at a crossroad or confused in their relationship or they are hoping for a connection between each other.
Marriage and family alive is a personalized marriage counseling retreat.
As a pastor, and a marriage consultant/counselor, I have specific training in marriage therapy and repair. I also know about the challenges of our modern day relationships, with this knowledge, I want to bring to marriage and family affairs a blend of perspectives and solution to our modern day relationships.
Our focus is to renew, re-awaken your first love, and to repair a relationship that is about die.
Our one on one marriage counseling is to proffer solutions and the objective of our marriage counseling is to help both partners in your relationship.
In marriage and family alive, we are professional and always ready to work with any denomination or sect, whether Christian, muslim or traditional. Re-uniting and re-newing marriages is the cornerstone of our organization.
Marriage and family alive retreat is a weekend or midweek retreat program for the married and people that is in a relationship that needs a real thorough counseling.
1.    To discover and learn the problems of communication and misunderstanding.
2.    To explore and adopt the spirit of forgiveness through tolerance.
3.    To discover character differences that can enhance your relationship and joy in marriage.
4.    How to build your emotional, physical and sexual intimacy, through effective communication.
5.    Your family backgrounds, your root, and things that you see as problems in your marriage.
6.    What are your weaknesses, e.g, anger, lying, nagging, infidelity, and other things.
Call us and book an appointment, our fees are moderate, you too can enjoy what other couples have found to be a pleasurable, enjoyable, cost and time effective experience that will renew, restore and heal your marriage or relationship.
Call now +2348083158569 or+234 8058488685
We are always 24 hrs on the  phone or counseling ready for you.
Because of couples who cannot get to us immediately or living in faraway places or in other countries, through our phone or online counseling, we will be able to counsel them.
We do charge for our services and they are moderate, reasonable and not costly. The reason why we do charge is that we believe whatever that cost you nothing will give you nothing.
Hope to hear from you.
Pastor Laiyemo David A.