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Friday, November 4, 2011


No 1. PURPOSE. In this world of ours, i want you to know that you will loose relevance when you have no purpose for living.Living without a purpose is like a reed on the surface of the water that is being driven about with no destination.When purpose is discovered,your success is on the way.Purpose means an intention,plan, or aim, something you intend to do or plan to do,and to live without a purpose is to die under the pressures of life.When you discover your purpose, this will enable you to live a stress free life.No anxiety,fear or frustration again.So, to discover your purpose, you need to ask your creator,as He is the one that has the blue print of your life.Your life is for a purpose,and only those who know where they going can get there.For you to accomplish anything in this world, you will need an assignment.Success does not come by accident,but by conscious effort of purpose being defined.
EXPECTATION.Expectation is the pacesetter to your destination,and God too is always committed to your expectation, in proverbs 23;18 surely there is an end, and thine expectation shall not be cut off.Whatever you don't expect you will never experience it.It is your expectation that rules your step, your word, and utterances. This goes on to command your destiny. A great man of God, Dr.David O.Oyedepo said that expectation is the mother of manifestation.In whatever you do, always expect to end at the top.