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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To you as a person what is Sex?

After two months that Abbey got to lagos, he sent for his wife , and when she came , the same problem that made Abbey to come to lagos for work still persists, so one day Abbey called her and ask her why she's been refusing him  sex , Joy  told him that the reason why she married him is not for sex , but money  she said  she  wants money, so anytime Abbey would like to have  sex with his wife, he has to use money to  cajole her for her to allow him  to make love to her. To Abbey, sex  is the most important thing, but to Joy, it is not. So also  in many other families too  there  are women like Joy that  their husbands has to beg  them with one thing or the other before they can play games  . This is very dangerouse  as this can cause  division, separation and eventually leads to divorce between the couples.