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Saturday, August 20, 2011

please forgive and forget.

The man will not like to forgive his wife,because of what she did to him, and also the woman. There was this story about one man called Baba teacher very wicked and stingy, he is an old teacher during the time of Lord Lugard, he use to record all the offences that his wfe did to him in a diary.S0, one day the missionaries were having a revival or crusade in their area and baba teacher was invited by one of the missionaries,that day  God touched him during the revival, God spoke to him that if He God should mark all his sins and his iniquities that he will not be alive to record all the sins  of others ,Psalm 130;3. Baba teacher started to cry, he went on his kness pleading with God to forgive him,and God reminded him of  his diary that he should first forgive his wife