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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 things you should avoid in your relationship.

If you want your spouse to respect you,please you need to respect him/her too.Respect is reciprocal, the way you want others to respect you, is the same way you should respect them.It is a thing of the mind,rudeness is like a cancer that destroys a relationship or marriage,everybody yearns for recognition and when your relationship or marriage lacks respect, there is a tendency that both of you may not be able to stay together for life. Learn how to treat your partner with respect and honour, they are the oil that lubricates our relationship or marriage and makes it to last.When a relationship or marriage lacks respect and honour, during misunderstanding , this is what your partner will first consider and decide to separate from you.I Wish you well in your relationship or marriage, i declare PEACE upon every troubled homes and families. With LOVE from yemi Laiyemo David.