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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seven ways to bring romance back into your marriage.

Remember the way you use to show your partner how much you love her/him, so, try and keep it up don't let that fire of love die. No 2 is bombard your partner with love text messages and let it continue for two to three weeks. No 3 is go to a special romantic place,where nobody will disturb you, share memories of your early days together  and watch the excitement return .  N0 4. you can also write a romantic love letter to your spouse, telling him/her how much you love her/him. No 5. Take your spouse for a stroll, kissing, hugging and cuddling as you go.No 6 You can cook a romantic special meal together in the kitchen. No 7, Give your mate a romantic bath or massage. It is your responsibility to make sure your marriage is alive daily .