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Friday, August 19, 2011

Faithfulness in marriage,Are u faithful to your partner?

If you dont appreciate the source of your recources,God can block your access.mathew 25;14-30. If you want more to be delivered to you, then maintain your faithfulness with the little God has given you. There was this story about  a woman that use to complain to her friend about her husband, that the money her husband use to give her is too small, and that her husband dont use to buy her clothes,not knowing that her friend is praying to have a husband like her friend, because, this woman s husband will not give her anything , so, her friend started planning how she will snatch her friend s husband. So, she started to advise her friend to pack out and leave her husband,eventually this woman packed out of her matrimonial home, and to her amazement it was her bossom friend that she saw in their house with her husband eating together. So,whatever you have please always appreciate it.