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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Be committed to your partner.

Our families today are under pressure, the situation of things all over the city are terrible and hard, but yet commitment to life -long marriage is still the only stable basis for our relationships. Strong and vibrant marriages are built on love, not erotic or philleo love, but agape love.Each partner has a responsibility to make their marriage to be whatever they want it to be, strong, and exciting. In every marriages it is respect for each other and not trying to claim superiority over your partner, men need to understand that their wives is their partner and not their slaves, women should be respected.Forgiveness should always be your watchword, and not resentment. Marriage is a special relationship, it is built on complete trust and faithfulness to each other.It is love and not anger that will tear you apart, it is endurance and forgiveness that will keep you and your partner till the end of your lives.