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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who was an hairdresser, Bukky is a single parent with a daughter, Funke, it was Bukky who introduce one of her men-friends to laura and they started dating each other, after two months of meeting Caleb, who was a banker, Laura started to notice some changes in her body, and when she went for a medical check-up, it was revealed that she was pregnant, on getting home she called her husband and told him to come back as she is seriously ill and she needs his presence. When Ken came back home, Laura pretended as if she's sick and she made sure that Ken slept with her before he travelled again after a week. Ken did not come back home until after one month, when Laura told Ken that she's pregnant, Ken was happy and told her that at least for now you will be happy and that she would allow him to rest. After nine months, Laura gave birth to a baby girl, during the naming ceremony, Ken's mother noticed some things about the child and she started to suspect and investigate, she even went to consult an herbalist who told her that the child is not Ken's child.