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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is she justified for committing adultery?.

Ken and Laura have been married for three years with no child, Ken is a business man that deals in computer parts and he use to travel every week to London, Germany and other parts of the world for his computer business. Laura his wife use to complain every time to him that he need to stay at home and give her some good time so that she can get pregnant and have children for him, but Ken would shout at her and told her that they need money to make their life more comfortable like their family friends.Whenever Laura wants sex, she would begin to give her husband her sex signs that she wants him, but Ken would refuse and reject her, Ken would tell her that he's busy with one computer configuration or the other. As time goes on, Laura cannot bear it anymore, so one day Laura decided to go out and visit her old school mate, his name is Benson, unfortunately for her, she did not meet Benson at home and on her way back home, she decided to take a bottle of stout beer, on getting to the beer parlour, she met a woman who introduce herself as Bukky,