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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

causes of depression and logical ways for recovery

Depression is directly related to some types of losses.
1.Loss of material things. This may cause depression, if you lose something that is special and tangible that you really value, this can cause somebody to be depressed for a period of time. It's normal to feel depressed,and there is nothing wrong in it, but you not stay in that situation for long.
2. Loss of time.
There are people who are feeling a degree of depression as they near a milestone birthday such as maybe thirty-five, fourty to fifty years with nothing to show for their years of labour or service, this can cause depression 3. Lost of opportunities.
This is when you give up something that you could have succeeded in order to pursue another thing that you now begin to regret. Your depression can be normal because you have given up a special opportunity you would never have again.